Istanbul Private Day Tours
You have many choices, for the first time visitors the monuments on the first hill is a must. The most important of those are: world famous  Hagia SophiaGrand Topkapi Palace and Ottoman Harem,   the Blue Mosque, etc, etc. After the museums you may  decide to stroll  through the vibrant streets of Istanbul, with no pressure and no hassle!
For quick reference, followings are the most popular  tours of Istanbul:

Istanbul photo gallery
Bosphorus ®  Golden Horn ® more ...    must to see

Istanbul  Day Tours
Istanbul Regular Tour
Istanbul off-The-Beaten Track
Ottoman Heritage Tour
Byzantine  Heritage Tour
Istanbul Walking  Tour
Istanbul Asia  Tour
Istanbul Bosphorus Tour
Istanbul Jewish Heritage Tour
Istanbul on Two Continents
Istanbul Nights Tour
Istanbul Sunset  Tour
private prince's islands Tour

Istanbul Half Day Tours
Half Day Istanbul Sigtseeing Tour
Half Day Imperial Istanbul  Tour
Half Day Ottoman Relics Tour
Half Day Byzantine  Relics Tour
Half Day Istanbul Walks  Tour
Half Day Asia Istanbul Tour
Half Day Istanbul Bosphorus Tour
Half Day Istanbul Jewish Heritage
Half Day Istanbul Museum Tour
Half Day Istanbul Markets Tour

Istanbul getting around

Istanbul Museums opening hours
and days of closure

Constantinople churches
Istanbul Mosques

Turkey Inland Tours
Travel Turkey  to see the melting pot of ancient civilizations,   Gobekli Tepe ( Sanliurfa )  dating  from  no  less  than 12.000 years back  to the times of   Byzantine / Ottoman empire years.  Guided private land tour will be  a great trip of all times. There are many places to see, if you have already seen the well known antique sites and the holiday resorts, which are mostly located in the  western  and southern  provinces,  and/or wish to have an itinerary, something no less exciting,  then  I can suggest  some spectacular places from the highlights of  Eastern Turkey such as snowy peaks of Mt Ararat or the blue waters of  lake Van,  or astounding  Cappadocia ,  or profoundly peaceful  Aphrodisias,  the city of  goddess Aphrodite.  Even more exciting  than all these,  Mount Nemrutsoutheastern  province,  where spirits of Commagene Kings are said to dwell ever since.   Istanbul private tours     Istanbul daily tours   Turkey  Map    archeological sites

Turkey photo gallery
photo  where to go what to see
photo  troy to ephesus route
photo  cappadocia to gobekli tepe
photo  antalya to olympos route
photo  turkey in general

Sample Itineraries
Gallipoli Anzac Tour  Day Tour
Cappadocia  Balloon   Tour
Cappadocia  Istanbul   Day Tour
Ephesus      Istanbul   Day  Tour
Ephesus Pamukkale   Tour  3 Days
Ephesus  Bodrum & Blue Voyage

East Turkey Tours
Istanbul Van Erzurum  5 Days
Istanbul Kars Ani  Erzurum 4Days

Gobekli Tepe 2 Days

Istanbul Private Tour Hours
Pick up point: Airports, Hotels or else
Pick up time:  8:30 am or as requested
Duration: 8 hours.

Average  Temperatures
Turkey West     22 - 29  deg C.
Turkey South    21 - 29
Turkey East      15 - 27
Turkey S/east   28 - 35
Best time to visit Turkey
April  to June
September  to October.
map of turkey
Historical Sites in Turkey
whirling dervishes
hittite highland
mt nemrut
mt ararat
cotton fortresses
map world

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Qualified at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and licensed by The Ministry  of Cultural Affairs, Turkey. License no: 34-001300.  A degree holder in history.  more info ...

We began our trip with you as our email guide and ended with you as a very close friend we now consider to be part of our family and who we'll treasure the rest of our lives. Your information about what we'd see and do was meticulously accurate but understated ­ it was better than we expected.
Your breadth of knowledge and insight into your country and its treasures along with your patience, good nature, humour, willingness to adjust to our requests for some side trips made it all work brilliantly. In particular, the match between your background and interests and ours created a dynamic that was completely unexpected. It would be an understatement to say we enjoyed our time with you. Everything you said you would provide and we would experience was delivered. We were very impressed with your skill at finding ways to bypass long queues and to maximize our opportunities while on tour.
You are an incredible tour guide and an asset to your country. We heartily recommend you to anyone wanting an in-depth, intelligent, guided visit to Turkey. Until we see you again either in Turkey or here in Australia, our very best wishes to you and your family.
Dale  Mattock, PhD.  and  Bill  Robertson

Dear Ram
Barbara & I would like to say an enormous Thank You for the wonderful day in Istanbul we shared with you.
Your knowledge and enthusiasm are amazing, your passion for your city was so obvious, and only reinforced our desire to revisit Istanbul in the future.
Whist touring the city we never felt rushed, and you were so attentive. When we were viewing things on our own, you were never out of sight, which made us feel secure.
We will have no hesitation in recommending you, and please feel free to use this message on your website.
Ram you truly are one of Turkeys great treasures.
Kind Regards
Barbara & Peter
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Dear Ram,
Thank you so much for having shown us your beautiful city. You know how uneasy I was about putting myself and my children in the hands of  someone found through a web sight but after about 20 minutes I felt as  if you were just like and old friend.

Silvia Sandri


peter and barbara
silvia sandri
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cappadocia balloon
nemrut antiochus
van akhtamar church
cappadocia hot air balloon
hagia sophia
hagia sophia istanbul
ephesus library
Hagia Sophia, courtesy of Bert Vorchheimer

Blue Mosque
Akhtamar Church, Van
Celcius Library, Ephesus, courtesy of Bert Vorchheimer
Mount Nemrut
ram guide
Cappadocia - Capadocia - Kapadokya - Kappadokía - Katpatuka - Land of the beautiful horses

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Hagia Sophia, courtesy of Bert Vorchheimer

Istanbul Private Tours!

A very warm welcome from me!
An experienced guide, open minded, patient and friendly. Have academic qualifications in history and in other related subjects.
Various tour options given on this webpage are just samples, and intended solely for search engines.
If you do contact me in time I can help you with your tours in Istanbul or in the country!


A vast amount of information on recreations and the geography of Anatolia can be found under, Recreations   General information  on Turkey is made available under  about turkey, The page offers information ranging from the history of the Turks and the land 'Anatolia' to Byzantine Empire.

Culture and Traditions

whirling dervishes

turkish bath

Bosphorus yali houses


Dress Code
There is no legally required dress code in Turkey for men and  women. On entering mosques women are required to cover their heads and from neck to the knees. Men can wear pants but should be long enough to cover to the knees. Rules are no stricter than what applies, say, at Duomo in Milan. For women face and neck can be seen. Turkey is not a strict Moslem country, but secular.

Ottoman Empire
Byzantine Empire

hurrem sultan- roxelana
empress theodora

Turkish Language


Transport in Istanbul
Istanbul has an integrated networks of
transport comprising,
*Metro train,
*Funicular, from Kabatas to Taksim
*Ferryboats, between Asia and Europe
*TurYol and Dentur ferries,
*Fast Sea Bus Ferries, Bostanci to Bakirkoy
*Cruise Ships
*Suburban Trains
*Tram, Zeytinburnu to Kabatas
*Dolmus (shared taxi )
*Cable Car,  Golden Horn to Pierre Loti Hill
*Tunel, from Karakoy to Galatasaray
Pay by  multi-use ticket or token, obtainable  at the terminus stops, and it costs 3TL .

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' if the world were a single state then its capital would be Constantinople '  Napoleon Bonaparte
blue mosque
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